Why Enter?

The North of England is incredibly proud of its digital roots and digital industry, and the Northern Digital Awards have been celebrating the achievements for over 10 years.

10 Reasons to Enter the Northern Digital Awards:

  1. Showcase your work to the digital industry & benchmark for the future.
  2. Third-party recognition from industry experts.
  3. Attract new and retain existing clients.
  4. Raise awareness of your brand.
  5. PR and marketing with award assets
  6. Recognition and reward for a ‘job well done.’
  7. A celebration with your team and agency.
  8. Build an award-winning culture.
  9. Opportunity for networking and new partnerships.
  10. The awards ceremony is a highlight of the Northern Digital Year

All entries must not exceed 1000 words. The word count does not include the company information at the start of the form or the questions already within the form.

When creating a title for your entry, please structure your title in the following format: “Agency Name & Client Name – Campaign/Product/Tool/Website Name” or just “Company/Team Name” for agency/team awards.

Entries should relate to work undertaken between June 2023 – October 2024.

Please ensure you fill out a separate Word/PDF entry form for each submission. For example, if you submit five entries, you will need to complete five individual entry forms, making sure to tick the correct category and upload these separately on submission.

If you are loading the same entry into a different category, you will need to edit your form and details accordingly and make sure the correct category is ticked. If the correct category is not ticked, your entry may be classed as void and therefore not judged.

Entry questions are dependent on your chosen category, please take care when filling out each entry form. If your entry form does not match your online submission and category selection, your entry may be classed as a duplication error and may not be judged.

Entry forms can be designed to your company branding, as long as they contain the original questions and headings in the correct order in which judges mark them.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions before submitting an entry.

Full Terms and Conditions