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Accentuate Agency & Royalcraft nominated for Best PPC Campaign 2023

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Published Date 04.12.2023

Accentuate Agency is an ambitious digital marketing agency based in Birmingham & Manchester. Their mission is to help businesses get found by their dream (and paying) customers on Google.

If you work with Accentuate Agency their goal is to get your website:

  1. Higher up the SERPs (search engine results pages) – ideally at number 1.
  2. Attract leads that are ready to buy what you are selling.
  3. Achieve you a return on investment.

Their approach is to make SEO and PPC human friendly with an emphasis on clear communication. Their process involves educating clients on what is and isn’t working and navigating challenges and barriers together and their belief is that SEO or PPC are not a dark art, they are logical and understanding the data gives key insights for marketing decisions.

Accentuate Agency & Royalcraft

Accentuate Agency are delighted to be shortlisted for “Best PPC Campaign” category for their work with Royalcraft – A leading outdoor furniture company based

in the Midlands that makes and sells outdoor garden furniture to customers across the UK.

The PPC Campaign Goals

The 2 core goals of running pay per click ads were:

  1. Test the market for new consumer sales by increasing brand awareness, to transition Royalcraft from a ‘trade only’ supplier model to a blend of trade and direct consumer sales.
  2. Restore the client’s confidence in Google Ads PPC as an eective sales strategy.

This broke down into 2 primary PPC campaign objectives:

  1. Achieve a Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 600% for the Brand Search Campaign.
  2. Increase conversions from zero, as previous campaigns by another agency had not tracked or achieved any results for this client.

The PPC Targeting

The campaign targeted people in the UK looking for new garden furniture in the Spring/Summer 2023 season with the intent to buy. Ensuring Royalcraft’s ads were at the top of page 1, above and alongside their competitors was key to enhancing visibility and driving brand awareness.

The Competition

Research identified that competitors were bidding on the Royalcraft brand name in their PPC campaigns. This meant that when the Royalcraft name was searched on Google competitors were showing ads above the organic listing. Using the monthly search volume data, the research showed that a significant amount of trac and

potential sales were being lost due to the targeting of competitors so a “brand name” campaign was created to resolve this.

The Strategy

Accentuate Agency took a multi-faceted approach, making improvements to the website and ads to improve the customer experience and ad performance. The strategy included:

  • –  Improving and adding new pages, like ‘About Us’ and ‘Sale’ pages, to serve as sitelinks in Google Ads
  • –  Tailoring the ad copy in Google Ads to resonate with individuals already familiar with the Royalcraft brand, using phrases like ‘Meet the makers of Royalcraft’ and ‘Buy direct’ to strengthen brand recognition and encourage direct purchases.
  • –  Testing dierent campaign types including Google Shopping campaigns as well as campaigns for specific garden furniture collections to broaden sales and audience reach.
  • –  A ‘bid by weather’ script, leveraged the knowledge that sunny and dry weather boosted sales. This script adjusted bids based on regional weather conditions in England, increasing bids during warm, sunny weather and reducing them in cold, rainy conditions, eectively enhancing conversions during favourable weather.
  • –  Conversion tracking, including tracking conversion values at checkout was set up to determine ROAS (return on ad spend).

The Hurdles

The campaign encountered various hurdles.

●  Royalcraft’s dedication to oering competitive prices and services demanded a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to maintain profitability.

●  The ability to balance minimising osite stock storage with profit margins.

●  Server problems caused website crashes, leading to a loss in sales due to page inaccessibility or slow loading. The Results Here are 3 key elements of the campaign:

The Results

Here are 3 key elements of the campaign:

●  Consistent communication and keeping a close eye on osite stock levels with Royalcraft ensured sales from Google Ads were profitable and pricing was adjusted accordingly to align with the goal of moving stock.

●  Lowering the target ROAS for the brand campaign sped up sales and reduced stock eciently and as a result, the osite warehouse was emptied and became unnecessary.

● To address server issues, Accentuate Agency thoroughly assessed Royalcraft’s current server setup and made the decision to migrate the website to a new provider with better technology that enabled resource scaling. There was no downtime during the migration and the website’s speed improved providing a better user experience.

2023 summary and the focus for 2024

In Summer 2023, the PPC campaign achieved an incredible ROAS of 1,867%, over triple the targeted ROAS – this restored the client’s confidence in Google Ads PPC as an eective sales strategy. As a result, Royalcraft plans to significantly increase their Google Ads campaigns for Spring/Summer 2024. Accentuate Agency are excited to continue to play a key role in Royalcraft’s marketing.


“Being shortlisted for the award is fantastic and feels like recognition of all the hard work not only us, but the Royalcraft team always put in. We continually strive to improve our processes to deliver even greater end results for our clients and this nomination means a lot to our continued pursuit of this.”

Kelly Rayduta – Managing Director of Accentuate Agency

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