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Award-Winning Full-Service Agency AYKO Are Proud to Be a Finalist in the Northern Digital Awards.

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Published Date 04.01.2023

We at AYKO, are absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted for the Northern Digital Awards for four categories, ‘eCommerce website of the year’, ‘SEO campaign of the year’, ‘PPC campaign of the year’, and ‘large digital agency of the year’. AYKO is one of the UK’s largest independently owned and operated Google-certified Shopify Plus, & Adobe Gold partners. As an award-winning full-service eCommerce agency, we provide seamless digital experiences while driving success for all our clients. We aim to help our clients achieve their digital goals & aspirations by enhancing their eCommerce ecosystem and providing the best experience for their customers.

AYKO has offices in Leeds, Manchester, and Dublin, with a team of over 50 professionals. We also offer Development, Creative, and Marketing services, covering a wide range of eCommerce needs, including UX, CRO, UI, PPC, and SEO. Our organisational structure allows our employees to grow and take their careers to the next level.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the categories we were nominated for and what we have done to achieve this honour!

PPC Campaign of the Year

Our client wanted to focus on growing their business by increasing revenue whilst increasing ROAS at the same time. We focused on a performance max campaign and built out the campaign within our Google Ads account. We made sure to segment the asset groups into top-performing products in order to boost performance; we also overlayed audience signals onto the campaign to enhance performance, which was ‘All Visitors’ – this allows us to inform the algorithm about who our ideal target audience is.

  • Over the last 3 months we have increased media spend by 55% resulting in 46% more revenue.
  • Exceeded the clients ROAS target by 30%.

SEO Campaign of the Year

Our client came to us as they were eager to boost their organic performance across the site. As they had limited knowledge of SEO and search, we were required to design and create an SEO strategy to support their main goals and objectives of increasing visibility within search engines and drive highly valuable conversions across the site.

  • From July to October, the site recorded a 19.51% increase MoM in organic sessions. More importantly the site recorded 51,162 new users coming to the site in that time frame which was a 23.04% increase MoM.
  • We recorded a 96.50% increase MoM in organic revenue.
  • The eCommerce conversion rate after optimisations were rolled out was at 1.21% which was a 38.93% MoM.

Ecommerce Website of the Year

Our client required a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that could be flexible enough to deal with complex requirements and a front end that was future-proof to updates in technology and business decisions relating to rapid growth. They also required an update to their award-winning custom bike visualiser. This required complex workflows between AYKO developers and their in-house team to ensure we delivered a seamless user experience for customers on the front end.

  • Our efforts resulted in a 38% increase in conversion rate.
  • A 55% increase in average order value.
  • A 16% reduction in bounce rate.

Large Digital Agency of the Year

As an award-winning agency, we pride ourselves on our talented team of experts who can manage extremely complex requirements. AYKO has rescued several builds where the company has been restrained with a website that is half complete or requires unique expertise to bring the finished product over the line. The people in this agency are what makes it so successful! With a workforce of over 50 from several time zones, we operate in a productive & encouraging workplace that empowers us to deliver the best results for our clients. 

Why not browse our website for numerous case studies of our client’s experiences with us? Here at AYKO, we love to share our stories and give you an in-depth taste of who we are and what we do.

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